Finding a Mortgage

That’s Right for You!

Services we offer:

  1. Mortgages and home equity loans and credit lines.
  2. We offer financing for income tax, property tax and mortgage arrears.
  3. Bank turndowns.
  4. Self-employed with no proof of income.
  5. People with bad or tarnished credit.
  6. People in a consumer proposal or a past bankruptcy.
  7. Reverse mortgages for people 55 years and older.
  8. We also provide a no-monthly payment plan for people who are in between jobs or taking time off work for whatever reason.
  9. Short-term or bridge financing for those who need funds before a property sells
  10. Help with credit clean up and re-establishment.
Very competitive rates and fees.

Tracy Green  -  1801347 INC.
Mortgage Broker/Owner Level 2
Ontario-Wide Financial
FSRA Lic# 12456